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The Importance of Inspection Preparation Consultations

Before your upcoming CLIA, COLA, or CAP inspection, hire a clinical lab consultant to identify deficiencies in your lab. Discover the importance of inspection preparation consultations.


Prepare To Pass Inspection

It’s critical for a clinical laboratory to meet accreditation requirements and earn certification. Meeting the accreditation standards means you maintain test result accuracy, follow best practices for pathology and laboratory medicine, and manage a lab that responds to industry changes.

These capabilities empower your lab to effectively help assess patient health and support diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of disease. An inspection preparation consultation will prepare you to pass inspection, certifying you to complete lab tests.


Save Time, Effort, and Money

Failing to maintain compliance is a costly mistake. CLIA, COLA, and CAP inspectors will visit your lab once every two years at a minimum. If the inspecting agency does not find deficiencies, you’ll receive the renewal of your CLIA certificate shortly after the inspection.

However, if the agency finds deficiencies, you will receive a deficiency report and a timeline to submit a plan of correction. The agency must accept the plan of correction before your certificate can be renewed.

Additionally, depending on the deficiency level, you will have to correct the deficiency within a given timeline. In some cases, you will need to make the correction before submitting your plan of correction. The correction process can take a lot of time and effort, and the problems could compound due to bureaucratic inefficiencies in the inspecting agency.

Once the inspecting agency approves the plan of correction, they will renew your lab’s certificate. But if the lab fails to meet the inspection’s standards, your lab will lose its certification and privileges to complete lab tests.


Understand the Inspection Process

One of the most important reasons to have an inspection preparation consultation is to gain a better understanding of the inspection process. Lighthouse Lab Services will conduct a mock inspection, then give you a detailed report with suggestions for improvement and a plan of correction.

The mock inspection gives lab staff an idea of what to expect from the actual inspection. We will discuss our findings and consult with you on how to implement a Plan of Required Improvement (PRI).

Speak with a laboratory consultant at Lighthouse Lab Services. Our team of scientific and regulatory experts provides inspection preparation services that help your lab correct deficiencies and reach compliance. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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