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Tips to Identify Transferable Skills in Potential Lab Hires

Hiring the right talent for your laboratory requires more than just checking off a list of technical qualifications. You must also recognize transferable skills that will contribute to your team’s dynamics and efficiency. Read on to learn several tips to identify transferable skills in potential lab hires.


Look for Applicants with Problem-Solving Abilities

The ability to problem solve is a universal requirement in science and laboratory work. Individuals who exhibit this skill can critically analyze scenarios, develop hypotheses, and efficiently resolve experimental and logistical issues.

During the job interview, ask potential hires to discuss how they addressed unforeseen challenges in their previous roles. Their answers will provide insight into their problem-solving acumen and help you determine whether they will be a good fit in your lab.


Find Those with Strong Communication Skills

Another tip to identify transferable skills in potential lab hires is to look for applicants with strong communication skills. Clear communication is pivotal in the lab, ensuring accuracy, safety, and collaboration.

Candidates who articulate their thoughts and questions effectively are assets, as they promote a transparent and informed workplace. Assess their ability to express complex scientific concepts simply or ask them to describe their methods of documenting experiments and findings.


Seek Out Employees Who Are Good at Organizing

The ability to organize extends beyond maintaining a tidy workspace. Future employees should also be able to prioritize tasks, manage time efficiently, and maintain accurate records, which are fundamental aspects of lab operations.

In the interviews, discuss how candidates have organized workflows or data management systems in the past. Understanding their organizational strategies will show you how they might handle the intrinsic details and planning of laboratory projects.


Search for People Who Like Learning

Laboratory environments are constantly evolving with the advent of new technologies and methods. Candidates with a passion for learning and professional development tend to be more adaptable and innovative.

To evaluate their commitment to learning, ask about their continuing education efforts, memberships in professional organizations, or how they stay informed about industry developments.


Hire Applicants with Strong Ethics

Ethical practices are non-negotiable in the laboratory. Prospective employees should possess a strong understanding of ethical guidelines and integrity when conducting experiments and reporting results.

Discuss their familiarity with compliance standards and how they’ve handled ethical dilemmas to measure their commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards.

Identifying transferable skills in potential hires goes a long way in building a robust and versatile lab team. Lighthouse Lab Services can help you find the right applicants for your staff with our dedicated lab recruiting services. Our database of qualified candidates includes many who can become major contributors to your lab’s success.

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