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Differences Between Ongoing and One-Time Laboratory Consults

Accelerate your laboratory’s success and manage sustainable growth with the help of a knowledgeable laboratory consultant. You can choose to hire a consultant on an ongoing basis or to solve a single need; explore the differences between ongoing and one-time laboratory consults.


Partnership Time Frame

When you choose ongoing consulting, you want to use the expertise of your consultant on a continuing basis. This agreement strengthens the partnership between the consultant and lab business. For instance, with ongoing consulting and support from Lighthouse Lab Services, your lab will enjoy on-call access to our team of experts five days a week, with a monthly retainer fee, for the duration of the partnership.

In contrast, one-time laboratory consultations benefit your lab if you have a single issue to address and don’t require continual support. If you need guidance or support in any of the responsibilities of running a successful lab, talking to a consultant saves time in developing an optimal plan of action.


Scope of Work

Another difference between ongoing and one-time laboratory consults is the scope of work. Ongoing consultations can help you in every stage of your lab’s development, and a highly experienced consulting firm can help you with everything your lab must master for success.

Use ongoing Lighthouse Lab consulting services for technical support, creating a growth strategy, developing products, and more. Additionally, the consultant can address any unique concerns you might have. Ongoing consultations can help you save money and time reaching your business goals.

While ongoing consults help with any issue, concern, or goal that comes up during the retainer period, a one-time consult addresses a specific issue. Whether you want help with test validation, revenue cycle auditing, quality management, or another responsibility, consider hiring a laboratory consultant for efficient and thorough improvement.



One of the best reasons to hire a laboratory consultant is to gain meaningful insight into processes, equipment, regulations, and personnel that impact the success of your business. Consultants bring a valuable outsider’s perspective that paves the way for you to apply innovative solutions. This perspective, combined with industry expertise and a vested interest in your success, makes hiring a consultant one of the best ways to streamline processes and identify other areas of improvement.

In both ongoing and one-time consultations, your consultant will help you implement solutions and improve practices in your lab. Either consulting arrangement helps you gain insight into your business, the industry, and best management practices. However, with ongoing consulting, you can expect to gain greater insight as you continuously tap into one of the best business resources available: experts with a record of success building, growing, and maintaining labs.

Whether you choose an ongoing or one-time consulting service, partner with a perceptive laboratory consultant from Lighthouse Lab Services. Our team of experts is second to none for helping labs across America update and grow their businesses. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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